Unit 9: A Pattern of Disobedience

Unit Description: God’s people were in the promised land, but not all was well. Generation after generation continued a cycle of sin with troubling consequences. Because God is just and holy, He did not allow His people’s sin to go unchecked. Because He is also loving and gracious, He provided forgiveness through repentance.

Big Picture Question: What is the punishment for sin? The punishment for sin is death (separation from God).

May 15: The People Kept Sinning (Judges 2) 
May 22: God Used Samson (Judges 13–16) 
May 29: God Provided for Ruth (Ruth)
June 5: God Provided for Hannah (1 Samuel 1–3) 
June 12: Eli’s Sons Disobeyed God (1 Samuel 4–6) 
June 19: God Takes Sin Seriously (Ephesians 2) 

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