October 24

People Rebel Against God (Genesis 10-11)

Sin continued to spread with Noah’s family. They disobeyed and did not spread out like God told them to. Then they tried to make themselves great instead of God by building a tower. God knew it was not good for them to continue in their sin. He mixed up the people’s words so they would have to spread out and fill the earth like He said. When we try to make ourselves look greater than God, God steps in and reminds us He is greatest of all. God sent Jesus to save people from sin and bring them back together. One day, people from all over the world will worship Jesus together. Jesus deserves all the glory. 

October 17

God Spared Noah (Genesis 6-10)

Sin spread quickly from Adam and Eve’s family. Soon the world was filled with sinful people doing sinful things. God was sad about what sin had done to the beautiful world He created and the people in it. He decided to send a big flood, but God chose to rescue Noah and his family. Later, God sent Jesus to rescue us from the punishment for sin. We have life forever with God when we trust in Jesus. 

October 10

Sin Spread to People (Genesis 4-5)

This week, kids took a look at the story of Cain and Abel, where we find a progressing pattern of jealousy, which leads to hatred, which leads to murder. The result is not one but two lost sons for Adam and Eve. Jealousy is nothing more than proof that we have staked our identity on what we have done or can do, rather than on what God has done for us through Christ. When you are tempted to compare yourself to others, let that trigger a reminder of who you are in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17).

October 3

SUNDAY AM PRESCHOOL (two and three year olds):
On October 3, two and three year olds will study how sin entered the world. You can find the recap and @home activities below. 

4:00 DISCIPLESHIP HOUR (Pre-k through 5th grade):
Due to the members’ meeting, there is no 4:00pm Discipleship Hour for pre-k through fifth grade this week. However, we do want to continue through our study so below you will find the videos to watch this week as well as at home suggestions for reviewing and applying the Bible story.

Unit 2 Overview

This week we are beginning a new unit, Creation is Ruined.  Everything was perfect when God created it, but it didn’t stay that way. Adam and Eve rebelled against God. From that time on, creation was ruined and everyone has been born a sinner. But God would not leave people to remain dead in sin. He would provide the solution for sin: His Son, Jesus Christ.

October 3: Sin Entered the World (Genesis 3)*
*No 4:00 Discipleship Hour. Video Curriculum will be sent for pre-k through 5th grade
October 10: Sin Spread to People (Genesis 4-5)
October 17: God Spared Noah (Genesis 6-10)
October 24: People Rebel Against God (Genesis 10-11)

Below you can find this month’s preschool song :

Preschool Unit Song

September 26

Creation Glorifies God (Psalm 19)

This week we looked at a Psalm that King David wrote many years after Adam and Eve. David used creation to speak of God’s glory. For David, it was easy to see God’s glory—at least its fingerprints—all around him. But, one of the greatest ways we can know of God’s glory is that the Creator who made everything not only made us too, but wants to have a friendship with us. That is why He gave us the Bible—so that we might come to know Him, love Him, and live for Him. As you talk with your kids, seek to leave them in awe of how big and how good and how loving God is. 

Check out the resource below designed to help you talk more with your child about what he/she learned and for activities you can do as a family this week to help your child apply the things he/she learned. 

September 12

This week we launched The Gospel Project on Sunday mornings 9:00 & 11:00am for 2 & 3 year olds and Sunday evenings 4:00pm for Pre-k group. We are beginning a three year study through the entire Bible. This week we started, you guessed it, In The Beginning. Below you will find a recap of what your child learned as well as a way for you to continue the learning at home. 

This Month’s Preschool Song: There is Only One