November 7

Melchizedek Blessed Abraham (Genesis 14; Hebrews 5; 7)Melchizedek means “king of righteousness.” Melchizedek reminds us of Jesus, an even greater priest and king who lives forever. Jesus died on the cross and rose again to bless all who trust in Him by providing forgiveness and eternal life. Preschool Video Lesson (Discipleship Hour @Home): Elementary VideoContinue reading “November 7”

Unit 3 Overview

GOD’S RESCUE PLAN UNIT DESCRIPTION: God’s solution for sin, which He promised in Eden, became clearer when God made a covenant with Abraham. God promised to bring the Rescuer through Abraham’s family. This family was far from perfect and endured great adversity, but through it all, God remained faithful, revealing that nothing could stop HisContinue reading “Unit 3 Overview”