March 15, 2023
Sunday Evening IDC Kids Schedule (March-May)

March 19: 4pm Discipleship Hour
March 26: 4pm Discipleship Hour
April 2: 4pm Discipleship Hour
April 6: Special Maundy Thursday Members’ Meeting (Childcare for 4 and under)
April 9(Easter Sunday): No 4pm Discipleship Hour
April 16: 4pm Discipleship Hour
April 23: 4pm Discipleship Hour
April 30: 4pm Discipleship Hour
May 7: Members Meeting (Childcare for 4 and under)
May 14 (Mother’s Day): No 4pm Discipleship Hour
May 21: Last 4pm Discipleship Hour for the Semester

January 19, 2022
The Discipleship Hour kicks off this coming Sunday, January 22 at 4:00pm!
Childcare is available for children birth-three year olds. PreK 4s & 5s, Elementary, Middle School, and High School Students will dive deep into the Gospel Project Curriculum with consistent weekly teachers. Adult classes include a Judges study (open study in the Fireside room and a Parenting Workshop (signup required). 

November 30, 2022
Families! Looking for a devotional in this season to help facilitate conversations with your kids and/or teenagers about the birth of Jesus? Here’s one for you! These devotions were written with our Imago Dei family in mind. Written by our own Kim Merida, they are short and written in a way to get the conversations flowing amongst your family. This devotional is also instructive on how you can begin to incorporate singing into your family’s daily life.

November 22, 2022
Volunteer Opportunities

1. Appreciation Party for Discipleship Hour Volunteers
In December, we are going to have an appreciation party for our elementary volunteers. Our elementary discipleship coordinator, Sam Ammons would love to have a few church members volunteer to serve in childcare for this. E-mail for more information

2. Serve in the Discipleship Hour
We are currently recruiting more volunteers for our 4:00pm Elementary Discipleship Hour for the spring semester that begins January 22. If you think this is something you would want to be a part of in any capacity, please e-mail

November 1, 2022
IDC Kids Choir

Imagine seeing your kids leading the congregation in worship. Imagine seeing them singing together with other kids and adults in a choir as they worship the Lord. Imagine if they enjoy it, and have an increasing desire to worship the Lord through the means of singing. We desire this for your children and want to provide an opportunity for this to happen. 

Part of the goal of Family Discipleship is to see the people of God (young and old) loving the Lord together. Encouraging the kids to sing with the adults in a choir is one expression of this. What does this look like? We’ll start conservatively with one song and see how the kids respond. See details for the first rehearsal:

  • Age Range: 5 – 11 yrs old
  • Rehearsal needed? Yes, just one rehearsal on Dec. 4th. Kids will rehearse during the members meeting
  • Where will the rehearsal take place? Rehearsal will be in the Fireside Room
  • Who’s going to lead the rehearsal? A worship ministry volunteer team led by Kim Merida
  • What will they sing? Messiah King (see lyrics here)
  • When will they sing? Dec. 11th
  • Are they singing both services? No, they will join the worship team in leading the Call to Worship for just the 9am service

 If this is something you’d like for your kids to participate in, please register here.

October 16, 2022

For the unit description, weekly lessons, key passage song and more visit Unit 12: King Solomon

September 27, 2022
New Classrooms Opening in IDC Preschool During the 9:00am Service

We are excited to have so many families with young children attending Imago Dei Church! To accommodate the increase in children (particularly in the first service), we will be opening three new preschool classrooms during the 9:00am Corporate Worship Service beginning this Sunday, October 2. Your child’s sticker will reflect the correct classroom at check-in but if you would like to be prepared in advance, below you will find all the rooms open during each service.
Note: This change primarily affects individuals with babies, three year olds, and/or four year olds. 

Room Name/AgeRoom NumberLast Name Begins with…
Babies A:108A-Q
Babies B:111R-Z
Ones A:120A-L
Ones B:121M-Z
Twos A:113A-H
Twos B:117I-Z
Threes A:124A-N
Threes B:125O-Z
Fours A:131A-H
Fours B:132I-Z
Room Name/AgeRoom Number 
Babies108All children < one
Ones120All children one year old
Twos113All children two years old
Threes124All children three years old
Fours131All children four years old
Special Needs132By request only

As a reminder, when your child has a birthday, he/she will move up to the next age group at the beginning of the month following their birthday. For example, if your child turns two on October 6, his sticker will change from a one year old classroom to a two year old classroom beginning on Sunday, November 6. However, we are more than happy to accommodate your child into his/her new room early, just know that the sticker will not reflect this change until the beginning of the month following their birthday.

September 11, 2022
Extra Rooms Open During the Members’ Meeting

In anticipation of a larger crowd for the celebration of our anniversary as a church, all of the normal 9am childcare rooms will be open for tonight’s members’ meeting. The name tag you receive at check-in will have the correct room listed on it, but specific rooms are also below if you want to know in advance where your child will be. We look forward to seeing everyone tonight at 4:00pm! 

Babies: Room 108
Ones A: Room 120 (last name begins with A-L)
Ones B: Room 121 (last name begins with M-Z)
Twos A: Room 113 (last name begins with A-H)
Twos B: Room 117 (last name begins with I-Z)
Threes: Room 124
Fours: Room 131

August 17, 2022
Going Deeper at Home

Whether you are designing a time of family worship or supplementing your homeschool curriculum, The Gospel Project At Home provides families with resources to engage in family discipleship that align with what preschoolers and kids are learning at church each week. You can find all the @Home Guides from August 14-November 13 here: Going Deeper with the Gospel Project @Home

Through Ministry Grid, each “course” has the following components: scripture to read, a guide to talk about the scripture, links to both the preschool and elementary Bible story videos, scripture to memorize, scripture to sing, family prayer, and family activities. We hope these are a great help to your family as we partner together at church and at home to teach our kids The Truth each week.

January 15, 2022
No Childcare at Imago Dei Church
 tomorrow, January 16

Due to the weather, Imago Dei Church will NOT be providing any childcare during the morning corporate worship services and all afternoon/evening activities at the IDC building, including the 4:00pm Discipleship Hour, have been canceled. Stay safe everyone! 

January 2, 2022

We are excited to announce the opening of our four year old classroom on Sunday mornings during both the 9:00am and 11:00am services, beginning February 6! We are grateful to the many volunteers who have stepped up to fill the needed positions so that we can open this classroom and serve all our families with four year old children. 

As the two and three year olds do, the four year olds participate in Gospel Project Curriculum through video Bible story, musical worship, and activities to support the main idea. You can always find the recap of each week’s lesson at

Once your four year old turns five, he/she will attend corporate worship with you on Sunday mornings. For resources on making the most of your time together in corporate worship (and the why behind our encouragement of school age children in the service) visit our blog: Tips for Corporate Worship.  

We will also continue to provide the Pre-K Discipleship Hour on Sunday evenings at 4:00pm led by consistent weekly teachers who engage your child with the same Bible stories and activities from The Gospel Project as the morning session, but experienced slightly differently with a more intentional relationship built between your child and his/her teachers. Even if your child turns five, he/she will remain in the Pre-K Discipleship class at 4:00pm until the Fall of 2022 when he/she is promoted to the kindergarten age group.

Thank you for allowing us the privilege of laboring along side of you to invest in our IDC children!

November 22, 2021
The 4:00pm Discipleship hour will not meet in person from November 28-January 9. However, we will continue our study through the Bible virtually. Each week we will provide online videos for both pre-k and elementary from The Gospel Project as well as an @Home Guide with review/discussion questions and family worship ideas with activities. At the very least, consider having your child watch the Bible Story Video each week in Online Content and encourage him/her to think about and answer the questions below:

  • What does this story teach me about God or the gospel?
  • What does the story teach me about myself?
  • Are there any commands in this story to obey? How are they for God’s glory and my good
  • Are there promises in this story to remember? How do they help me trust and love God
  • How does this story help me to live on mission better?

Sunday Morning Childcare at 9am & 11am for ages three and under will continue with in person lessons for twos and threes. Parents can use the @Home Guide to recap what your child learned each week as well as utilize the ideas for family worship and activities.

May 26,2021
In addition to our current policies and procedures, the following procedures will be in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19:

Covid-19 Policies and Procedures for Imago Dei Childcare

Daily Health Screening

May 19, 2021
On June 6, we will begin offering childcare for children 2 years and under during the 11am indoor service at Imago Dei Church. We plan to add childcare for ages 3 and under during both the 9am & 11am services beginning June 27. Childcare will be by reservation only and additional policies and procedures will be in place to prevent the spread of the virus. We look forward to seeing you in person!

March 21,2021
Thanks to everyone who came out to IDC Kids’ Family Day! Check out the video slideshow from the event:

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