May 15

The People Kept Sinning (Judges 2)
After God’s people sinned, the judges helped God’s people obey God again. But the judges could not change the people’s hearts and make them love God. God had a plan. He sent His Son, Jesus, to change His people’s hearts and save them from sin forever.

Family Discussion Starters:
• What is one thing you remember from this week’s Bible story?
• Who did God send to help His people when they cried out to Him?
• Why do you think God’s people kept worshiping their neighbors’ false gods over and over again even after God sent a judge to help them?
• Who can save us from sin and change our hearts to want to obey God?

Family Activities:
• As a family, study a cycle, such as the water cycle, the life cycle of a butterfly, or recycling. Emphasize the repetitive nature of the cycle. Talk about the Judges cycle: God’s people worshiped their neighbors’ false gods; God let other kings rule over them and life was hard; the people cried out to God; God sent a judge to rescue His people; when the judge died, the people disobeyed God again.
• Point your kids to Jesus as you discipline them this week. Talk about how only Jesus can change our hearts to want to obey God.

Unit 9: A Pattern of Disobedience

Unit Description: God’s people were in the promised land, but not all was well. Generation after generation continued a cycle of sin with troubling consequences. Because God is just and holy, He did not allow His people’s sin to go unchecked. Because He is also loving and gracious, He provided forgiveness through repentance.

Big Picture Question: What is the punishment for sin? The punishment for sin is death (separation from God).

May 15: The People Kept Sinning (Judges 2) 
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Resources for Easter Week

Lifeway’s Easter Devotional Guide for Families

The Biggest Story Bible Storybook: Easter Stories

Easter Videos + Recipe & Lesson for Resurrection Rolls:

The Gospel For Kids
As a family, watch the Gospel Project for Kids: Gospel Presentation. Discuss the presentation with kids using the terms from the video. Then, read 1 Corinthians 15:1-8. Play the role of detectives and talk about some of the evidence for the resurrection. Discuss why Jesus’ death was necessary for salvation and how His resurrection is the hope for eternal life.