Unit 2 Overview

This week we are beginning a new unit, Creation is Ruined.  Everything was perfect when God created it, but it didn’t stay that way. Adam and Eve rebelled against God. From that time on, creation was ruined and everyone has been born a sinner. But God would not leave people to remain dead in sin. He would provide the solution for sin: His Son, Jesus Christ.

October 3: Sin Entered the World (Genesis 3)*
*No 4:00 Discipleship Hour. Video Curriculum will be sent for pre-k through 5th grade
October 10: Sin Spread to People (Genesis 4-5)
October 17: God Spared Noah (Genesis 6-10)
October 24: People Rebel Against God (Genesis 10-11)

Below you can find this month’s preschool song :

Preschool Unit Song

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