September 26

Creation Glorifies God (Psalm 19)

This week we looked at a Psalm that King David wrote many years after Adam and Eve. David used creation to speak of God’s glory. For David, it was easy to see God’s glory—at least its fingerprints—all around him. But, one of the greatest ways we can know of God’s glory is that the Creator who made everything not only made us too, but wants to have a friendship with us. That is why He gave us the Bible—so that we might come to know Him, love Him, and live for Him. As you talk with your kids, seek to leave them in awe of how big and how good and how loving God is. 

Check out the resource below designed to help you talk more with your child about what he/she learned and for activities you can do as a family this week to help your child apply the things he/she learned. 

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