January 8: Joash Wanted to Obey God (2 Kings 12; 2 Chronicles 24)

Judah’s King Joash became king at age 7. He redirected all silver that was given at the temple to the workers rebuilding the temple rather than to the priests, and his servants conspired against him, ultimately killing him while traveling on a road trip. Over his 40-year reign, it seems that both Joash’s experiences and influence were significant.

People who do significant things are often remembered for their accomplishments, their victories over powerful enemies, and other prominent moments recorded when people likely stood in awe of their wisdom or greatness. But one incredible detail about King Joash is how he is described in 2 Kings 12:2: “Throughout the time the priest Jehoiada instructed him, Joash did what was right in the LORD’s sight.”

Of all of his great feats and brilliant decisions, Joash was faithful when he listened to the counsel that God had put in his life.

Isn’t this true of all of us? When we listen to the wisdom of the people God has strategically placed in our lives, we are equipped to make better decisions. When God gives us opportunities to lead, though there may be a temptation to lean on our own insight or abilities alone, we will be far better equipped when we use the peripheral resources that God knows we need and thus has provided.

Often, the only thing that would prevent us from listening to and receiving the counsel of those wise people that God has put around us is our own pride. It can be a real shot to our self-reliance to listen to the insight of others as we are navigating different situations in our lives. Especially those that we are seen as the leader. But God has placed those people in our lives for a particular purpose.

God doesn’t ever put us in situations without the resources to walk through them. And often the form that those resources take is the wise counsel of those around us. So, look up, see the people whom God has placed around you, and seek their wisdom, trusting that God often speaks to us through other people.

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