Unit 27 Overview

Out of the Grave
Key Passage: John 11:25 

 The darkest moment of the gospel story became the brightest when Jesus rose from the dead to provide forgiveness for all of God’s people. After Jesus rose from the dead, He spent 40 more days proving that He is alive and preparing His followers to continue His mission after He returned to heaven to be with His Father. In our final unit for this semester, we will cover the following lessons:

April 25: Jesus’ Resurrection Matthew 28; John 20
Story Point: Jesus rose from the dead and is alive.  

May 2: The Emmaus Disciples Luke 24
Story Point: The whole Bible is about Jesus.  

May 9: Jesus Appeared to the Disciples Luke 24; John 20
Story Point: Jesus appeared to His disciples.  

May 16: Jesus Returned to Heaven Matthew 28; Acts 1
Story Point: Jesus gave His disciples a mission. 

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