IDC Kids Discipleship Hour Fall Update

Given the circumstances, we do not currently have plans to begin our IDC Kid’s Discipleship Hour in person this fall. Instead, we will move to a virtual Kid’s Discipleship hour in mid September, providing content for your children to view and interact with at home. Using the Gospel Project curriculum, we will upload a more in depth lesson containing a video teaching element and additional resources requiring very little preparation at home. This content will not require you to log in at a specific time, but rather will be available online and can be accessed at any time during the week.

We will stop sending the IDC Kids’ Discipleship Guides once we roll out this new option for IDC Kids. You will, however, be able to find a template to download each week to help your children pay attention and provide an avenue for discussion following the sermon.

It is our prayer that this content will be a springboard for gospel conversations with your children each week.